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The first international treasure hunt for bitcoin

The Bitcoin hunt starts in:

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What we're all about

Coinding has a mission to give bitcoins to you in the most fun way possible. The international multiplayer treasure hunt we've created is only the first step in our quest. This is an adventure into a new digital economy where you can play, discover, and learn with friends. And get paid for it.

We also introduce you to shops that accept bitcoin, to let you know about events happening in your area, and to take you to places off the beaten path.

tl;dr Win Bitcoins!

Upcoming Features

Encourage your favorite shops to accept bitcoin. Vote them up and help convince them to join the Bitcoin fun.

Get items to help you on your adventures and meet new challenges. Every explorer needs good equipment.

Spread bitcoin across the map by creating challenges. You can introduce friends to bitcoin in a fun and meaningful way.

Coinding Available soon on Google Play
Coinding Avaible soon on App Store

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